Thursday, August 30, 2007

Welcome To Shuva Blog

Welcome to shuvanet. Shifra Hoffman chairperson of shuvanet will be posting regular opinions about situations occurring in the Jewish world today. We look forward to hearing from you.


greyeagle said...

The Arabs would like nothing better than to have Netanyahu sign an agreement which would surrender more land for peace.This land for peace is intended to shrink Israel's boundaries,this is an Arabic confederacy against Israel to weaken their military ability within! Israel can not afford to lose any more land! God Bless Israel forever more!

Unknown said...

I believe that it is not only the Arabs goal to shrink Israel until it is not, but I am also seeing that it is President Obama's goal and probably the rest of the world too and it is a real shame. It is not only an Arab confederacy but it is quickly becoming a world confederacy.

It is certainly right for you to call on the Jews to escape to their home while they still can and in fact it is commanded in the old testament that they must. I however am a white gentile conservative Christian american so I must stay regardless of what may come my way.

Israel and Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Great King and will remain forever. God Bless

Unknown said...

We the Jewish ppl have wandered aimlessly for two thousand years amidst persecution,blood libels,crusades,pogroms in Christendom the Islamic world was at most indifferent to us until we resurrected in our homeland,which they took upon themselves to expel and launch pogroms on Jews in North Africa,Yemen,Syria,Iraq etc these Jews have integrated well with israeli society most Israelis are of mixed parentage today such as myself my mum is half oriental(middle eastern) sephardi half ashkenazi while my dad is full on ashkenazi, however my mum has family staying in Israel from time immemorial we are hundreds if not much more generations born in Israel, so I am living proof of whatever claim the Arabs have to the land, and I learned from family that in Tiberias Jews and Arabs lived together oneday the Arabs got up and left,never came back while nobody asked them too.

Jews getting blamed for controlling the media,being too powerful is exactly why wwe need Israel wether the Arabs like it or not they got too live withit and move on which they refuse to do, but choose to curse and attack us and when we protect ourselves we get the blame, I rather be at war than in diaspora facing vulnerability and persecution.

Arkady said...

Someone, a Jew, said that he was so happy to see a black candidate for presedency, he voted for him. So did 78% of USA Jews.
You'd better watch not color of the skin but the soul.
Or at list search media. For example his toast to his friend, Arafat's speach writer departure for new office. Yes, leader of the same people that danced and celebrate 9/11!
Senator Obama wished him every success.
There are a lot of outstanding Jewish scientists, chess champions, composers...
78% of American Jews voted for Obama. What is a percent of idots and self-haters in Jewish community? Do you know the math or you do not need one?
They claim N.Hollywood synagoque basement shoting was not a HATE crime. Probably someone was hunting for Chingis-Khan horsemen, enslaving Europe Centuries ago.
In the heart of Jewish capital, Jerusalem, police is looking for a few Jews. They dared to shot arabs, illegaly occupying their house. Not Germany '33, but Israel 09!!!
We have to UNITE and Joined NOW. OR:
Welcome to the New Maidanek, Ladies and Gentlemen. Don't forget your kids!

Zzzoney said...


The wrath and accountability is comming!

Zzzoney said...

Accountability and wrath by social justice is comming!

nojizyatax said...

As an American Christian, this site disturbs me. God says he will bless those who bless his people and curse those who curse his people. Jews must stay in America AND stay involved in politics in order to prevent the Muslim thugs here in America from distorting America's policy toward the Middle East.

natsarim said...

I am very concerned with whats going on in America with the rise
od anti jewish sentiment.
What disturbs me even more of the anti Jewish statements that are being made in Churches, which was
not done 20 to 30 years ago.
There is a lie that has been perpatrated in many Churches that
the Church has replaced Israel in the promices G_d has made to the
Jewish people and the nation of Israel.
I want to say as a Believer in Christ, that not all Christians behave like that, nor believe that
Israel and the Jewish people have been replaced by the Church.
I believe and many other Christians believethe covenants G_d made to Israel and the Jewish people.
About Israel.
I do believe that America was not to be a perm. place for the Jewish
people but was a safe haven for a time. That time is I believe is nearing a close, and that G_d is showing the Jewish people they are to go back to Israel.
I do foresee that America will break ties with Israel, and will become her enemy.
I as many Believers in Christ. pray for the peace and safety of Jerusalem and the Jewish people.
We dont believe the Jews responsable for the death of Yeshua
You have friends and we will stand with Israel and the Jewish people.

Yechiel said...

Shalom. I am Yechiel Shlipshon. Some of you may know me on AOL as Yechiel, in the religious posts.
I thank our two Christian friend for their support. It is important.
On Aol, i advocate that we treat all humans as alike as possible, as we are all created by HaShem.
I also advocate for Israel. I advocate that they stand fast, and do not let the enemy get to us. I am now trying to get the other's attention about local (continentl USA) problems. Hatred in any coat is equally evel, and we cannot aford to let it have sway in America, at this time.
Join us; any place which actively supports brotherhood, and does not look at your lable before they look at your soul. We can stand together, to restrick this evel against G-d and Human, or stand separitly, to allow us to be destroyed. How do you stand?

Andrew Stergiou said...

Shifra Hoffman that is a moniker I reconnoiter. Best wishes to all friends from the black world of internet intrigue sadly it is too bad the many lack the class for high tea. gut zeit gut zunt
auntie Ida Esther

attilashrugs said...

RIGHT NOW, Israel needs to appeal to those in America who are awakening to the New World Order's plans for Global Governance.
If Israel were to phrase its resistance to UN and International NGO aggression in terms of standing up to the Globalist conspiracy, supporting Israel will be seen as a powerful way for American Patriots and Tea Partiers to concretely resist the Evil machinations of The New World Order.

Zzzoney said...

As a N.G.I. and patriot for truth and accountability.
Many problems are of their own doing!
Stop the hate and dissenting media campaigns left over from the fear and terror scam, and many more which is only causing more division and poverty. The media will also become public enemies and open targets as for their roles in the grand political scheme of lies and greed rooted in a power trip.
Watch the video above.

Zzzoney said...

Susanna said...

yap yap yap and with all that talking, GOD is still found no favor in you.

HE'S not going to hear your call why? Because you are (not) HIS People. IWasn't it already told to you (which I think is really funny who would have known!)ha. So how do you feel knowing that all that was said you (not) being HIS Chosen you Truely being Babylonians who stole 1 tribe out of 12 of Jacob lying to the world, using the Law of GOD for Satan. stealing Palestinian land to further your lies, Being Rejected in front of the whole world (REVELATION 2:9&3:9)"those who say they are jews (are not) but a synagogue of Satan. I guess you are going to disregaurd that huh?

I think all this proves that GOD is TRULY with Us(Jacob/Israel/the slaves) you have no parts of THE HOUSE (YERUSALEW) none at all.
and before you get all out of pocket just know wht waters you tread upon.

welcome back ! =)


Unknown said...

Unknown said...

A shul in Illinois was vandalized. So much for tolerant America.