Saturday, February 28, 2009

History's Eternal Scapegoat



by Shifra Hoffman

Along with millions of people worldwide, I followed the recent
ceremony of Barack Hussein Obama here in JERUSALEM, as he
became the first black president of the United States. Despite
the exhuberant optimism of his admittedly powerful address
in which Obama stated that under his leadership America would
become a friend to all nations, I have an eerie feeling his new
administration will not bode well for the State of Israel.

This ominous premonition was furthr strenghtened as Obama
reiterated his oft repeated pledge to mend America's relationship
with the Arab world. Ironically, following the Washington
inaugration ceremony which empowered him as leader of the free
world, the consensus of opinion amoung Israeli politicians and
news analysts seems to be that the Obama presidency will be
"good for Israel!"

One hardly knows whether to laugh or cry. After every American
election, the same scenario repeats itself as the "sovereign"
Jewish state anxiously awaits signs of reasurrance from the newly
elected occupant of the White House indicating he will be a true
friend of Israel. Unfortunately, experience has shown that which
French philospher Jean Paul Stare so astutely observed "Jews
have no passionate friends, only passionate enemies."

Israel has consistenly ignored tell-tale signs concerning the
much-touted 'special relationship' with America, which has been
steadily eroding. The neurotic fear of being abandoned by "our
only ally" has resulted in years of almost total capitulation to
American demands that are often detrimental to the vital
interests and the very survival of the Jewish homeland. A graphic
example in the long list of masochistic decisions by successive
Israeli governments that have weakened the country, is Ehud
Olmert's inane act of calling a halt to Operation Cast Lead and
withdrawing the Israel Defense Forces from Gaza without fully
defeating the Hamas murderous terrorists! Reportedly, this was
done so as not to have the war detract from Barack Obama's
presidential inauguration!

And just what are the consequences of Israel's shameful
subsurvient action to curry favor with the United States in
particular, and the world in general? Instead of receiving
stalwart support for its long verdue incursion into Gaza to stop
Hamas' barrage of deady rockets and Kassams that for years have
made life a living hell for countless innocent Jewish men, women
and children Israel is almost universally condemned for its
"inappropriate response"! Needless to say, as nation after nation
continues to excoriate Israel's "inappropriate response",
the thousands of Jewishs civilians who have been murdered and
wounded in bus bombings, stabbings, shootings, stonings and
other nefarious Arab terrorist attacks since the Oslo so-called
"peace agreement", are ignored and all but forgotten! The more
Israel "bends the knee" and prostrates itself to do the bidding of
America, or attempts to assuage global opinion... the more it
becomes a pariah throughout the world.

It is high time for the Jewish people to reject the role of being
history's eternal scapegoat!

Let us now stand proudly without the ubiquitous apologies and
explanations to do what must be done in defense of Eretz Yisael
and the Jewish people! With faith in the AL-MIGHTY, let us
return to the role for which HE has chosen be a light
unto the nations! In the timeless words of King David,
"In Thee, O L-RD do I put my trust; let not my enemies triumph
over me" (Psalms 25)


YAIR said...

I saw yor advertisement on Arutz Sheva and I think its great what your doing KEEP IT UP!

for more zionism, go to

Unknown said...

What you've said are sad facts but true. Cling to the hope of future promise as written in the Word in the book of Zephaniah chpt 3 v.18-20. My cousin's daughter married a Jewish young man and I believe they intend to settle down in Washington D.C as he is an aspiring political scientist ( we're Chinese ). I hope they'd remain safe and that they'd heed the clarion call to settle down in Israel. In the meantime, as Yair'd said, keep up what you're doing. It's so very important. The more your message spreads, the better.

Martha said...

All I can say is "BRAVO" Shifra Hoffman. You expressed my opinions perfectly. I am a poor widow living on social security in Arkansas but I will send what I can to VAT. I have contributed to Jewish supporting organizations before. Why have I never heard of this organization? Sounds like they do a good work And deserve our support. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem every day. Keep up the good work.

DEREK said...

what SHUVA is doing is great, but serious efforts need to be made to call every single Lubavitch, reform, conservative etc. and tell them to ALIYAH asap!!! I can't wait to make Aliyah but im having trouble with my papaers (israeli bureaucracy) of coarse the people who want to leave can't!

James The Artist said...

True followers of the Great Teacher Jesus will ALWAYS be faithful to the people of Israel, as the King of the World Himself, is Jewish. Jerusalem is the Capital of the World. May Christ return quickly!

Unknown said...

Hello, I linked to this blog from the I was disturbed by the number of Jewish hate groups in the U.S.A. I just wanted to weigh in and encourage you by saying that you also have many friends here.

Genetically speaking, I am a mongrel, but I look caucasion so that's what it says on my birth certificate. I am what many would classify as a "born again Christian". Despite what some vocal idiots, and hate mongers who disguise themselves behind similar labels, I believe you have far more friends here than enemies.

I count myself among them.

I for one would be willing

Lars Shalom said...

nice writing

Michael said...

There is a rising tide of hatred in America.. Jews, Muslim, and Christians are all three being used as scape goats... It is truly terrifying and an affront to the very liberties that allow us to call ourselves Americans... As we remember Psa 25:2 let us not forget Lev 19:18... There are enemies so much more terrifying then those in the streets shouting La Raza or carrying swatiska's... These are the silent enemies that destroy us from within... The fears that cause us to ask who will turn on us.. The rage that boils just beneath the surface... The sadness that burns against the Hope... The pride that says that we deserve better things... May YHWH bring peace to Israel and to His people of Love and Truth regardless of their nationality, sex, or creed... Remember 2 Chronicles 19:7... There is an Israel greater than Physical Israel... There is a Zion that is not confined by the Jordan... That is the Zion that we carry in us... Not as a Jew or a Christian but as Love that YHWH places in our hearts for one another and for himself... The Love and Courage of people like Corrie Ten Boom or Grandama Moses... People who knew at the center and core of their being that oppression is wrong... This Rosh Hashanna I'll blow my Shofar and I know what I'll be dreaming of... Not only a return to Physical Israel.. Not the reclaiming of her Biblical boundaries... I'll be dreaming of a new found Zion that I carry in my heart... I'll be dreaming of a new found power and a new strength and a new resolve to stand against the enemies of Love and Truth and Liberty... Psa 119:45 And I will walk at liberty: for I seek thy precepts.

Thank you all... Thanks be to YHWH... I needed to tell this to myself... My hatred and fear was beginning to consume me.

zuriel7777 said...

I came across your blog while reading a news article on Israel daily news which linked to a site that carried your blog link. I am a Christian (with a passionate interest in the Hewbrew roots of my religion) and am also an American. I and many others of us despise Obama and this current administration. We love Israel and Jewish people and we pray for you and your protection. As much as I love my country and the values it was founded on,I know Israel is where God put His name. I say if it comes down to your survival versus pleasing my country or its government, choose survival. If you have to, tell US to go to hell, you will do what you have to do in order to survive. If it ever came down to it, I would lay my life down to protect any Jewish person I saw in danger. Just know that not all Americans and Christians are against you, many of us love you, and when my husband and I can afford it, we are going to give money to international fellowship of Christians and Jews to help persecuted Jews make aliyah to Israel.

Rod. Wilkinson said...

G-d Bless you Shifra Hoffman, especially for the last paragraph. There are a lot of we Christians out here who are not ignorant of G-d's Truths concerning Israel, The People of The Book, and we pray to the G-d Abraham, Isaac and Joseph for the day when the words in Isaiah 60:14-15 (HCSB). The sons of your oppressors will come and bow down to you; ALL who have reviled you will fall down on their faces at your feet. They will call you the City of the L-rd, Zion of the Holy One Of Israel. Instead of you being deserted and hated, with no one passing through, I will make you an object of Eternal Pride, a joy from age to age.
You will nurse on the milk of the nations, and nurse at the breast of kings; you will know that I, the L-rd, am your Saviour and Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob. G-d Bless Israel and Jerusalem, The Capital City of the whole world.

sjrago said...

for GODS protection of JERUSALEM, all of ISRAEL and her borders, We bless you all and hope you will all have a blessed AND SAFE day or Night, with much love and prayer........WAR IS COMING SOON YOU MUST KNOW THIS ...UNLESS YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK, Israel is going to be attacked by the nut cases in that have taken over Egypt.. I pray that GOD and all of heavens glory will sand against the enemies of ISRAEL. I pray that any and all weapons used against Israel will fail in the hands of the enemies of Israel PRAY WITH ME PLEASE.

The Galatian Free Press said...

Seems to me that the Muslims have caused a lot more problems than the Jews, over the centuries.

If not for the northerly and westerly advances of Persian & Arab Muslims, over the centuries, the Jews probably never would have gone to Germany to begin with.

The Galatian Free Press said...

One God, One State: A Single State Solution That Can Be Implemented Before The U.S. Elections of 2014.

Timbo said...

Yes, Barack Obama, after the intervening years between 2009 and this year, has shown himself to be a shaky friend of Israel, at best. Is he testing the waters of American opinion to see if he can just dump Israel at some point and get away with it? As a New Testament believer I see all this leading up to Armageddon. Jesus is the Messiah. Believe on him now.